How Much Smartphone Data Do I Need?


Knowing how much smartphone data you need each month has two key advantages. Firstly, it means that you will always have enough data to do everything that you desire – from voice chatting to downloading film content – without having to deal with the frustration that comes from suddenly running out of data and having to purchase more at a high cost. Secondly, knowing how much data you require prevents you from purchasing data that you do not use and thus wasting money.

How do I find out how much data I use?

Finding out this information is very simple, as your phone will automatically keep a log of your data usage every month. Simply log on to your account online, or check on your phone and see the statistics for how much data you use month by month. It is useful to get an average figure here: some months, you may use more data than others. It is also useful to find out the upper limits of the data that you use: what is the maximum amount of data that you have ever used in a single month?

Now, you know how much data you need

Knowing how much data you use in an average month will tell you how much data you ought to be buying each month. Purchasing enough data to provide you with your average data requirements plus some extra ‘buffer’ data which you can use if you need to exceed those requirements will ensure that you use data in a cost efficient way.

What steps can I take now I know how much data I need?

If you have been paying for data that you don’t use, now could be the right time to downsize your contract to one with a smaller data allowance. Alternatively, if you have found that you frequently go over your monthly data allowance and have to buy extra data for an extortionate price, now could be the time to purchase a more expansive contract that provides you with more monthly data. This will work out cheaper in the long run than buying extra data as and when you need it. Alternatively, you could find out which activities have typically been pushing you over your monthly data limit and stop doing those activities. Do you regularly stream films on your phone, for instance? You may find that waiting until you get home to view that video content on your laptop instead is all that you need to ensure that you don’t exceed your monthly data allowance.

Be data savvy: monitor your data yourself

Monitoring the data that you use, and correlating the data that you buy with the amounts of data that you need, is not difficult at all. You can monitor data usage yourself on a monthly basis, to ensure that you always have the smartphone contract that works best for your data requirements.