When it comes to mobile phone deals, the SIM Only Contract is best for every mobile user. Many Smartphone users are accustomed to a 2-year mobile plan. This comes with additional costs incurred on the mobile phone use. Nonetheless, there are those who prefer short-term deals that are characterised by cheaper and flexible monthly tariffs. In these cases, the SIM Only Contract is the most sensible option.

What is a SIM Only Contract?

From the name, this is a deal that allows you to invest in a SIM only (alongside the preferred network tariff) as opposed to investing in the handset as an added cost. Many customers do not understand the essence of investing in a SIM only contract. For this reason, here are some of the benefits of taking a SIM only contract:

1. Cheaper Costs

Since the SIM only contract involves taking an investment on the SIM and not the mobile phone, you get to incur costs related to the SIM only. For this reason, your monthly bill does not factor-in the mobile costs. This makes you spend less on mobile data and talk time. Nonetheless, you are expected to buy a Smartphone to insert the new SIM. After this, there are no more expenses that are directly related to the handset.

2. Flexible Short-term Deals

In a SIM only contract, there is no need to commit to a 2-year contract like in regular mobile plans. In this case, you get to enjoy 1 to 6-month plans with a SIM only contract. In addition to this, you also get to change the tariff that you are using more often and be able to tailor it to your individual needs. This prevents you from getting disrupted each month with cases of deficits and surplus in mobile data and talk time.

3. Retaining your Old Phone Number

It’s important to note that transferring to a SIM only contract does not result in you losing your old phone number. The plan allows you to retain your existing number as you enjoy the benefits attached. You can easily keep the details of your existing contact by calling your network provider to avail you with a PAC (Port Authorisation Code). This advantage allows you to stay in touch with your friends, family, and business contacts.

4. Convenient Operations

One of the most appealing features of the SIM only contract is its convenience. Most plans on this deal are flexible and affordable. With the contract, all your data, texts, and talk time is ready to be used. With such convenience, you tend to spend less and save money. When compared to pay-as-you-go plans, the SIM only contract is the most convenient.

5. Network Advantages

The SIM only contract comes with vast network advantages. You can get access to 4G speed on selected tariffs. This high speed data feature allows you to gain speed advantage just like on regular mobile plans. In addition to faster internet connections, you also get access to Wi-Fi connections and mobile tethering features.


Overall, the SIM only plan is the best investment package in the Smartphone market today. Whether you are looking for a cheaper way to enjoy your mobile tariff or just a convenient way to use your Smartphone, SIM only gives you the best benefits.